Gadwal Bridge

Vibration Analysis for Bridge No. 375 – Gadwal Before and After Bearing Replacement (SC Railway - India)

Overview of the Structure:

The bridge is constructed across Okku Setty river which is a tributary river of Krishna. The overall length of bridge is 254.40m with 21 spans of 12.20 m. The superstructure of bridge is PSC box girders supported on RCC piers and resting on open foundation.

Scope of Work:

Carrying out visual inspection, Ambient Vibration Test (AVT) to check condition of bridge and to identify the system properties for bridge deck.
Accelerometer sensors are used to record the vibration data from current ongoing traffic/train before and after bearing replacement on the bridge.

Objective of the Project:

The Structural Health Monitoring system is designed to compare and analyse the of vibrations and displacements on the bridge due to different live loads from train. The elastomeric bearings of the bridge has exceeded the service life of more than 20 years. The bearings at most of the locations has been worn out, bulged and damaged. Due to nonfunctioning of bearings higher stresses, vibrations were evident. The objective of te project is to compare the vibrations experienced on the structure before and after replacement of bearings.

Outcome of Project:

Comparison, analysis of vibrations, FFT plots and displacement of the structure before and after replacement of elastomeric bearings.