Mancherial Godavari Bridge

Structural Condition Assessment For Bridge No. 142 – Mancherial Stone Masonry (SC Railway - India)

Overview of the Structure:

This bridge is constructed on the river with Pre-stressed concrete ‘I’ Girder supported on the circular pier. The overall length of the bridge is 36.60 m comprising 3 spans of each 12.20 m.

Scope of Work:

Instrumentation for Structural condition assessment & validation of results by evaluation of natural frequencies, stiffness, and parameters by Ambient Vibration Test (AVT), OMA, and Numerical modal analysis.


As the bridge is constructed long back, the structure bridge is being deteriorated over the period. The condition of the bridge must be monitored and assessed for the aim of keeping safety and facilitating maintenance.

Outcome of Project:

The natural frequencies of piers and girders have been obtained from Numerical modal analysis, AVT, and compared to identify the critical piers. The Bridge pier’s stiffness and damping properties under dynamic loads are derived. Identifying critical piers and the recommendation will be suggested for strengthening if necessary.